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Review Policy and Rating System

Book Review Policy:
Currently I am available to review any genre of MG or YA novel in either print or e-book format (ePub, PDF or Kobo book), however I am particularly interested in novels set in a dystopian world or ones that contain a strong, independent female main character.

I will consider self-published novels on a case-by-case basis.

Time Frame
Material will be read within 90 days of receipt and already released books will be reviewed within an additional 14 days.  ARCs and galleys will be reviewed within 45 days of release date, unless otherwise specifically requested by author or publisher.

Beyond Reviews
I am also happy to host any contests or giveaways, as well as conduct author interviews.

Contact Me

Review Format/Rating System
1. The Tweet (My personal description of the book in 140 characters or less)
2. What Worked - What I liked about the book (usually 2-3 key points I want to make)
3. What Didn't Work - What took away from my complete enjoyment of the book (only included if necessary)
4. Overall - Summary of my total thoughts on the book, which includes my final rating (see below for rating system).
5. Favorite Quotes - I'll include any brief quotes that really stuck with me after finishing reading.

Rating System

 = Did not interest me.

= Was ok, but did not hold my attention.

= Enjoyable and entertaining read.  Storyline was engrossing and I liked the characters.

= Really liked the book. Had good character and plot development and was well written.

= One of the best books I've read!  Would highly recommend to others.

I also post my reviews on Goodreads.
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