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17 December 2010

Book Review: Book of Revenge (Knight Angels #2)

Knight Angels: Book of Revenge (Book Two) (Knight Angels Series)Knight Angels: Book of Revenge (Book Two) by Abra Ebner
Cover graphic and description courtesy of Goodreads.

Publication Date: October 2010

I received a copy of Book of Revenge (Knight Angels #2) from Star Book Tours.

New characters, New world, but old enemies. Emily struggles to ignore a new friend with emotions that temp her, Wes delves deeper into his past and family while finding friendship isn't reserved for the human race alone, Jane finds out her dear Max isn't what he seems, Gregs friendships cost him more than he expected, and Max forgets that the truth is best. But then again, someone always has to be the liar...
Emotional baggage, begrudged enemies, and the bitterness that comes when the honeymoon of their friendship fades... Will the love survive, or as it all just a game?

My Thoughts

The Tweet
A paranormal romance that explores the depths of love and shows how a past wrong can haunt the future and light the spark of revenge.

What Worked (for me)
I had not read Book of Love (Knight Angels #1) prior to reading and reviewing Book of Revenge (Knight Angels #2).

That said, despite being a little confused about the relationships that were developed between characters in Book of Love, I felt that Book of Revenge was a good read and I had no problem following the story presented.

I liked how character driven Book of Revenge was. Author Abra Ebner is very skilled in creating well developed characters and using the interactions between said characters to produce an interesting plot line. My favorite character from Book of Revenge was Jake Sante. From his introduction into the story, I gathered he was not in the first book. As a new friend of Emily's, Jake's character was a great counterpart to Wes.

What Didn't Work (for me)
The one thing that bothered me about Book of Revenge was that I didn't really feel a connection to Jane. She was just a character in the story, but I couldn't connect to her feelings. It's not as if she had no character development, I just couldn't imagine her as a real person. I think that this lack of connection affected my total enjoyment of the story.

Abra Ebner has written a good story with plenty of plot twists and intrigue to keep readers engrossed in the story unfolding. She uses flashbacks from Max's past to world build and show the motivation behind certain characters and why they are seeking revenge. Ebner also introduces the full spectrum of paranormal characters, such as vampires, shifters, angels and even an elemental pixie. I was impressed with how effectively she blended all of these elements into a well developed story with good characters.



Demitria said...

Still sounds intersting...I'll have to check out the series.

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