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20 June 2011

(Blog Tour) Author Interview and Giveaway: Jane George (THE MUMBO JUMBO CIRCUS)

Jane George writes novels and young adult novels. She makes pictures to go with words. She illustrated her first young adult novel, titled THE MUMBO JUMBO CIRCUS, and is working on ideas to expand that notion and create a (separate) series of heavily illustrated young adult novels. Something between a graphic novel and an illustrated novel.

More About Jane George (in her own words)
I love horses, was previously a horse owner, and hope to have another horse.

We have four cats, Skibbleshanks, Papillon, Lizzy Bennett and Mr. Darcy. Although Darcy really should have been named Bingley because there is little of which he does not approve. And he'll walk right in the neighbor's house.

I love old things with excellent workmanship.

I am not afraid of watercolor.

I do not ski.

I celebrate and observe the Wheel of the Year.

I am a Pisces sun sign, Scorpio moon, Scorpio rising. I have been known to laugh in the face of Mercury Retrograde and later regret it.

I am a writer and illustrator because that's what I am. I fought it for a long time, but the truth of who you are wins eventually.

Jane George bio and photo courtesy of Jane George's WEBSITE.

I received an electronic copy of THE MUMBO JUMBO CIRCUS as part of a blog tour arranged by TEEN BOOK SCENE

Describe THE MUMBO JUMBO CIRCUS in a few sentences.
A beaten down girl with nowhere else to go ends up at a struggling magical circus. If she can accept the truth and value of who she is, she might have a chance to save the circus and make it her home. But along with fighting her inner demons, she must discover the traitor behind a string of circus disasters, before he puts her ‘out of business’ too.

What character in THE MUMBO JUMBO CIRCUS was the hardest for you to write?
The main characters all developed pretty easily. It was a minor character who gave me the most trouble by remaining flat and boring. Chuck started out as the boss hostler and head canvas man. A boss hostler is in charge of all the stock, the horses etc. And a canvas man takes care of advertising. It wasn’t until I decided to make Chuck the circus “Fixer” as well, that he really took shape. A “Fixer” is a bit of a snake-oil salesman, often with some legal knowledge, who would help a circus get out of scrapes with towns and townspeople. When I read about “Fixers,” I saw Chuck as a greasy wheeler-dealer in a Seventies suit and cowboy hat. Chuck’s basically a good guy. His heart’s in the right place, just don’t examine his methods too closely. The Ringmaster is a dreamer, an idealist, and in consequence not a very good manager. Chuck tries to compensate by cutting corners and red tape here and there.

What book and/or author has made the biggest impression on you as a writer?
The Shipping News by E. Annie Proulx. Some of the imagery in that book hits you broadside like a whale. I love it.

When not writing, what activities do you like to do?
I try and get out in nature as often as I can. Or get my hands in dirt. I love it when I’m out in the garden and the cats are there with me. In contrast, I also like to hear live music, such as The Decemberists. They’re great live. Or I go see unique exhibits, like the Wicked Plants show at the San Francisco Conservatory. I’m looking forward to that one.

Are you working on another writing project now? If so, can you share some details?
I’m working on two books right now. The sequel to The Mumbo Jumbo Circus, which is titled, The Daring Young Man:
Dante Delgado is a teen without a profession, a home, or a country. Once he was one of the few trapecistas to do a quad. Now, his family's circus in Mexico is bust, his hand is crippled from working in a meat-packing plant, and he's selling oranges on the streets of L.A. Can he stomach joining The Mumbo Jumbo Circus as a translator in order to avoid a murderous gang? Or will the circus turn out to be the more dangerous choice?

I’m really enjoying working on Dante’s story. It’s pushing me to learn about and explore all kinds of things, from trapeze arts to the Day of the Dead.

And I’m writing a dark comedy for adults called The Cookie King:
What happens when the mild-mannered man behind the high-powered woman known as the Cookie Queen discovers she’s dead? One option is to put her in her top-secret recipe freezer and pretend it's business as usual. Only it's difficult to continue the ruse as he becomes attracted to the Cookie Queen's drone of an assistant and the company's continued existence depends upon winning a snooty European baking contest. He's an accountant, not a cook!

Thanks for inviting me to visit!

Thank you, Jane, for doing this interview! I loved THE MUMBO JUMBO CIRCUS (read my REVIEW) and am really looking forward to reading its sequel, THE DARING YOUNG MAN.


Comment below (include email for winner notification) and you will be entered to win a MUMBO JUMBO CIRCUS T-SHIRT. Contest in open to US Residents only and will end on 5 July 2011.

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For more information on THE MUMBO JUMBO CIRCUS and author Jane George, visit


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There's a sequel? Awesome! Btw, I had to highlight the text to be able to read it at all. Black on burgundy = invisible for me. Fantastic header, though!

Pavarti said...

Yeah! I want a teeshirt! <3 u Jane!

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