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09 April 2010

Script Frenzy - 30 Days, 100 Pages

Hello readers! It's been too long since my first post. I had planned on blogging several times a week, but the real world got in the way and in between my job, home life, and my American Military and Its Wars class, I ended up not posting at all. But I've decided to recommit to blogging regularly. In the end, I am looking to have my writing seen by the public.

So even though I'm busier than a squirrel collecting nuts for winter, I've somehow managed to take on another project for the month of April: Script Frenzy! Luckily, my sister is participating also. We're going to be collaborating on a single project, so I'll only be responsible for 50% of the work!

What is Script Frenzy, you say? Well the title of this entry should give you a hint, but for those who have never heard of it, click on the link for the official website. In short, though it is a worldwide challenge in which participating writers attempt to write a hundred pages of original scripted material in the thirty days of April. Screenplays, graphic novels and TV shows are just a few of the choices writers can submit.

This is my first year participating and I am very excited to be delving into a different style of writing. If any of my readers are participating in Script Frenzy too, look me up as jenlin242. Please feel free to comment below also.

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